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The Juice Punk 60ml

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Angels Abduction

Okay, look: we don't want to use the word "perfect' but if you were in an interpretive art class, let's say, and the teacher said: "Okay blank (that's you) your assignment is to describe Heaven by making a juice..." this is what you would make. And it would BE Heaven to vape it. Subtle notes of BLUEBERRY and a little CREAM to balance it out. This is a steeper and it's (pretty darn close to) perfect.

Bear's Hardware

You're dug in for the long haul with this vape. Sure, other flavours will come in and out of your life, but the thrill you experience from the WATERMELON WATERMELON (oh yes I said it twice) gushing into your senses like the kid on the inner tube slamming into you at the waterslides, will keep you loyal to feeling double with this vape.

Beau's Sweet Spot

This is like the best day at the symphony ever...if the symphony was a cloud of this vape swirling around making awesome music in your mouth. With a fresh influx of HONEYDEW hitting your senses, and a soft touch of PEAR in the allegro, this is the ultimate in the light all day vape. Wherever your sweet spot is - front of the mouth, middle of the tongue...or at the back of your throat as the cloud makes its way down, this will hit it...perfectly.

Evangeline's Escape

Sometimes you just need to breathe. There's a lot going on: pressure galore and never-ending stuff to do. It gets overwhelming, right? We are right there with you, that'ss why this vape was created. So here is your deep breath: VANILLA CUSTARD. The sweetest breath you will vape all day.

Joe's Pride

It's big, it's firm, it's sweet. With our CREAM base adding a pop to the typical on this one, combined with a hint of BAVARIAN and a dash of COCONUT, we turned a regular BANANA into a work of art. Not your regular Joe and full of all the appropriate amounts of over-inflated pride, we invite you to try to clean up your mind while vaping this burly beauty.

Liberty's Bell

You will make bell noises when you vape this one. Your lips will round, your eyes will bulge...and ding, ding ding will escape your lips. A perfect summer vape, you will not need anything else for your backyard bbq... just this fantastic cool, refreshing WATERMELON, blended with a touch of COOL PEACH. You've never quite vaped anything like it.

Norton's Gobsmack

We know, we know. You weren't expecting that were you? Gobsmacked, huh? A little KEYLIME, a little VANILLA ...a little super greatness in a vape. Different, amazing and crazy good...just like Norton (and you).

Sampson's Prize

It's okay, you can admit it. You're a keener, right? Well, we love keeners and we want to reward you. This is your prize for living life how it should be lived: however the flipping heck you want. Breathe in the VANILLA BEAN flavour, feel the notes of CUPCAKE and SWEET CREAM linger in your senses, then sit back, relax and tell the world to mind itÌÄå_ÌÄå_ÌâåÈs own damn business for a few minutes. You'll be being keen all over the place soon enough. In the meantime, we've got your back.

Sasha's Law

We're picky. And to us, it does not get better than this. If you want TOBACCO taste without the smell and icky but with a dash of SWEETNESS to smooth out the edges...this is your vape. We contemplated making this a law it is so flipping good. No seriously, we actually did.

Zoe's Effect

There are a lot of strawberries out there. But some- times, one comes along that is so special, so unique and so exceptional that it has an 'an effect' on the vaper. THIS is that vape. Soft spoken STRAWBERRIES with a hint of SWEET CREAM added to our 90 day steeped base makes this a completely refreshing change to the ordinary.

FAT RAT 70/30

Agent Provocateur

Welcome to Juice Punk's newest line of eJuices. The Fat Rat collection of eJuices are bold, all day vapes that keep you coming back for more. Agent Provocateur is Juice Punk's 'Pineapple Extreme'. A crazy, in your face pineapple, that is sure to become your go-to juice this Summer.

Master Hellion

The Fat Rat collection of eJuices are bold, all day vapes that keep you coming back for more. Master Hellion is Juice Punk's 'Grape Fanatic'. People are saying we've mastered the grape. We'll leave that up to you :-)

Road Warrior

Welcome to Juice Punk's newest line of eJuices. The Fat Rat collection of eJuices are bold, all day vapes that keep you coming back for more. Road Warrior is Juice Punk's 'Insane Melon'. Don't let the description fool you. This is a crazy blend of 7 flavours with melon in the mix. The taste in indescribable. Get ready to be blown away.

TOBAC NO 7 60/40

We're extremely proud to announce our newest signature line of The Juice Punk eLiquid vape blends: TobacNo7.

With over a year spent in design, market testing in three continents, and a sold out test release in Mexico City, TobacNo7 are the world's most authentic tobaccos.

Cigar Blend

Our Cigar Blend features full-bodied, robust tobacco flavor with subtle notes of chocolate. 

Fine Rolling Tobacco

The Fine Rolling Tobacco blend offers the dark and smokey flavor of fire-cured Virginia tobacco. 

Pipe Blend

If you're looking for the classic flavor profiles of traditional pipe tobacco, our Pipe Blend is the eJuice for you. Spicy, bright, and lightly aromatic, it's the ideal tobacco flavor for an all day vape.



Strawberry, Watermelon, Hint of Cool Peach.

Original Sin

Green Apple, Pineapple.

Pear Bear

Pear, Berries and Papaya.

Quad Berry

Black Currant, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry.

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